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English-Hindi > restock

restock meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'ri:'stɔk ]  sound:  
restock sentence in Hindi
1.If companies don't restock, the economy may stagnate.

2.Now the availability will be less because they have to restock.

3.That suggests businesses will be increasing orders to restock their shelves.

4.It breaks your overnight fast and restocks your dwindling energy stores.

5.She said stores had ample supplies in storerooms to restock shelves.

6.His mother had been a part of an attempt to restock the

7.A lot of the farmers were only just starting to restock.

8.Now running the Orioles, Johnson sought to restock the team.

9.Thus the zoos restock their live food supply practically every week.

10.And not helping matters are the irritating interruptions by staff to restock.

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stock again; "He restocked his land with pheasants"

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