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English-Hindi > retrovert

retrovert meaning in Hindi

retrovert sentence in Hindi
1.She knew someone had been there , because her chair was retroverted

2.When traveling from asia to the u . s . , one must retrovert their watches

3.The feathers attached to the arms and the tail evidently possess the structures of " modern feathers " , which consisting of the central shafts ( rachis ) and parallel barbs . dromaeosaurids are unusual group of maniraptoran theropods . they share many similar or the same features with archaeopteryx or other primitive birds , such as : u - shaped furcula , uncinate process , laterally facing glenoid of shoulder girdle , comparatively long forelimb , large semilunate carple , retroverted pubis , ascending process of astragalus , and " modern feathers " with rachis and barbs etc . these facts indicate not only that dromaeosaurids had developed many bird - like characters in course of the advanced maniraptorans toward birds , but also that there seemed to be the co - evolutionary trend between the feathers and the skeletal bones

go back to a previous state; "We reverted to the old rules"
Synonyms: revert, return, regress, turn back,

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