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retrovirus sentence in Hindi

"retrovirus" meaning in Hindiretrovirus in a sentence
  • The human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, is a retrovirus.
  • All pigs are born with a virus called porcine endogenous retrovirus.
  • The use of a retrovirus to insert specific markers within morphologies.
  • It also explains the high rates of genetic recombination in retroviruses.
  • It was isolated from the murine retrovirus bearing the number 3611.
  • This entry also identifies matrix proteins from several eukaryotic endogenous retroviruses.
  • He suggested adding a second gene to the retrovirus, Culver said.
  • A retrovirus ( such as the vaccine ) is forever,
  • The viruses are known as porcine endogenous retroviruses or PERVs.
  • They also suggested all patients receiving retroviruses be closely monitored.
  • Improved disease resistance by introduction of retrovirus; research stage.
  • "A retrovirus infection is forever, " said Kanki.
  • They were described Monday at the Eighth Annual Retrovirus Conference in Chicago.
  • She presented the results at the Eighth Annual Retrovirus Conference in Chicago.
  • Duesberg also rejects the involvement of retroviruses and other viruses in cancer.
  • Duesberg disputes the importance of oncogenes and retroviruses in cancer.
  • Endogenous retroviruses are always in the state of a provirus.
  • Several other cancer-causing retroviruses have since been described.
  • The first retrovirus infecting humans was identified by Robert Gallo in 1974.
  • Endogenous retroviruses can play an active role in shaping genomes.
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