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reverberating sentence in Hindi

"reverberating" meaning in Hindi  
  • When home sales slow, it reverberates through the entire economy.
  • That alone will keep the Simpson case reverberating for some time.
  • The effects are just beginning to reverberate throughout New York City.
  • But the outcome of the raids continued reverberating across the city.
  • What remains are the recriminations, reverberating endlessly through the process.
  • McDermott said, as the strident chants reverberated off office buildings.
  • Chants reverberated throughout the crowd, " Pope John Paul!
  • The overdoses continue to reverberate in many ways, authorities say.
  • These same pictures dangerously reverberate through the black community as well.
  • That could reverberate and have a negative impact on the dollar.
  • Sounds of dismay reverberated in the Austin Lutheran and Episcopalian communities.
  • Lyons's woes have reverberated across much of black America.
  • Korea's troubles could reverberate around Asia and the globe.
  • The Lewinsky matter is already reverberating among Republicans running for president.
  • You can hear the collective sigh of relief reverberating around Bollywood,
  • Your voice reverberates like you're talking into a washtub.
  • These dramatic changes continue to reverberate in broad and unpredictable ways.
  • That is the question reverberating through the offices of MCI Worldcom.
  • But this debate reverberates well beyond the Jefferson and Hemings descendants.
  • Meanwhile, Lisa's plaintive question reverberates in two countries.
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