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English-Hindi > reversing thermometer

reversing thermometer meaning in Hindi

reversing thermometer sentence in Hindi

उत्क्रमी तापमापी
उत्‍क्रमी तापमापी
reversing    उलट ब्लॉक
thermometer    तापमापी थर्मामीटर
1.During the voyage, " Challenger " crew tested the reversing thermometer, which could measure temperature at specified depths.

2.The remote-reading potentialities of reversing thermometers make them particularly suitable for use in measuring subsea temperature as a function of pressure.

3.The sea temperature at the water sampling depth is recorded by means of a reversing thermometer fixed to the Nansen bottle.

4.For hydrography, she had a sounding machine with 600 fathoms ( 3, 600 feet; 1, 097 meters ) of piano wire, deep-sea reversing thermometers, and density salinometers.

5.Scientists aboard the HMS Challenger later questioned this assumption and made temperutare measurements with reversing thermometers instead which wouldn't require the coldest water to be at the ocean's bottom.

6.Instrument packages have consisted of three precision velocimeters ( two NUS TR-4's and one TR-5 ), two Dymec temperature sensors, one Bissett-Berman salinometer, one or two Vibrotrons, and four Fjarlie bottles with four reversing thermometers each.

7.:I'm not sure if it is relevant to the original poster, but a reversing thermometer also has a kind of " kink " in it . talk ) 20 : 36, 15 February 2015 ( UTC)

8.The electronic gear includes a $ 35, 000, suitcase-size array the scientists lowered over the boat's edge on Monday, which takes continuous readings at all depths-- but historically, temperature recordings have been made with a " reversing thermometer, " in which a pair of thermometers is lowered on a cable, then flipped end over end at a given depth by dropping a weight down the cable.

a thermometer that registers the temperature in deep waters

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