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English-Hindi > reversion

reversion meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ri'və:ʃən ]  sound:  
reversion sentence in Hindi
1.SOPA is simply a reversion of COICA,
सोपा असल में कोयका (COICA) का नया रूप है,

a failure to maintain a higher state
Synonyms: backsliding, lapse, lapsing, relapse, relapsing, reverting,

returning to a former state
Synonyms: regression, regress, retrogression, retroversion,

turning in the opposite direction
Synonyms: reverse, reversal, turnabout, turnaround,

a reappearance of an earlier characteristic
Synonyms: atavism, throwback,

(genetics) a return to a normal phenotype (usually resulting from a second mutation)

(law) an interest in an estate that reverts to the grantor (or his heirs) at the end of some period (e.g., the death of the grantee)

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