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English-Hindi > reversioner

reversioner meaning in Hindi

reversioner sentence in Hindi
1.He served as royal harpsichordist until his son Jean-Baptiste-Henry became his reversioner in 1674.

2.As a supporter of the second cabinet of Viktor Orb�n, already it was probable before his appointment that the presidential position is his reversioner.

3.In short, as the life tenant's ownership is temporary, failing to maintain or reasonably protect the asset resulting in its diminution in value, or indeed, destruction constitutes a cause of action for the reversioner.

4.Quigley has said that the International Court of Justice findings in the " Wall " case regarding the applicability of the Geneva Convention discredited once and for all, as a legal matter, the " missing reversioner " argument.

5."' Friedrich of Brandenburg-Bayreuth "'( ca . 1550-? ) was a nobleman of Germany from Hohenzollern dynasty . reversioner of Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach, son of Albert Alcibiades and grandson of Casimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Bayreuth.

6.At death, assuming no mis-dealings to certain innocent purchasers, the property involved in a life estate falls into the ownership of the remainderman ( " remaindermen " ) or reverts to its grantor ( all of which confusingly can be called'reversions'and'reversioners').

7.If a life tenant purports to transfer the underlying'reversionary'interest, which a life tenant never has, this constitutes an actionable breach of trust for damages and may constitute criminal fraud however may not entitle the ultimate reversioner ( or substituted beneficiaries ) to be able to obtain a court declaration that the property is their own if that property is in the hands of an innocent purchaser for value without notice ( bona fide purchaser ).

(law) a party who is entitled to an estate in reversion

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