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English-Hindi > review

review meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ ri'vju: ]  sound:  
verb past tense: reviewed   verb past participle: reviewed   noun plural: reviews   verb present participle: reviewing   
review sentence in Hindi
• निरीक्षण
• पुनरीक्षण
• समालोचना
• समीक्षा
• सर्वेक्षण
• आलोचना
• पुनःपरीक्षण

• पनरीक्षण
• पुनरीक्षण करना
• पुनर्विलोकन
• पुनर्विलोकन करना
• दोहराना
• परखना
• निरीक्षण करना
• समालोचना करना
• समीक्षा करना
• फिर परीक्षा करना
• पुनरवलोकन करना
• फिर सोचना
• पुनर्विचार करना
• पुनःपरीक्षण करना
1.[This version includes some materials cut from the published National Review version.]
इस्लामवादी वामपंथी गठबन्धन का खतरा

2.Any rent review arrangements; the length of any fixed term.
क्या मुझे किराये में कुछ सहायता मिल सकती है?

3.Template %s not found, please review when activating.
टेम्पलेट %s मिला नहीं, समीक्षा करें जब सक्रिय है.

4.Be the first to contribute a review for this application
इस अनुप्रयोग हेतु समीक्षा लिखकर सर्वप्रथम बनें

5.Moves flat review to the beginning of the next line.
अगले पंक्ति के शुरू में समतल रिव्यू खिसकाता है.

6.The portfolio will be reviewed on a monthly basis .
इस पोर्टफोलियो की मासिक समीक्षा की जाती रहेगी .

7.Moves flat review to the beginning of the previous line.
पिछले पंक्ति के शुरू में फ्लैट रिव्यू खिसकाता है.

8.There was a problem posting this review to %s
इस पुनरीक्षण को %s पर पोस्टिंग करने में समस्या हुई

9.The above rules and rights apply to the review too .
उपर दिये गये नियम और जँाच पड़ताल को भी लागू है |

10.Let's review some of the more prominent schemes.
आइए कुछ प्रमुख योजनाओं की समीक्षा कर लेते हैं।

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a subsequent examination of a patient for the purpose of monitoring earlier treatment
Synonyms: follow-up, followup, reexamination,

a formal or official examination; "the platoon stood ready for review"; "we had to wait for the inspection before we could use the elevator"
Synonyms: inspection,

practice intended to polish performance or refresh the memory
Synonyms: brushup,

(law) a judicial reexamination of the proceedings of a court (especially by an appellate court)

a new appraisal or evaluation
Synonyms: reappraisal, revaluation, reassessment,

an essay or article that gives a critical evaluation (as of a book or play)
Synonyms: critique, critical review, review article,

a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion
Synonyms: recapitulation, recap,

a periodical that publishes critical essays on current affairs or literature or art

a variety show with topical sketches and songs and dancing and comedians
Synonyms: revue,

(accounting) a service (less exhaustive than an audit) that provides some assurance to interested parties as to the reliability of financial data
Synonyms: limited review,

look at again; examine again; "let''s review your situation"
Synonyms: reexamine,

look back upon (a period of time, sequence of events); remember; "she reviewed her achievements with pride"
Synonyms: look back, retrospect,

hold a review (of troops)
Synonyms: go over, survey,

refresh one''s memory; "I reviewed the material before the test"
Synonyms: brush up, refresh,

appraise critically; "She reviews books for the New York Times"; "Please critique this performance"
Synonyms: critique,

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