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English-Hindi > rhetoricians

rhetoricians meaning in Hindi

rhetoricians sentence in Hindi
1.But Michael Jordan is only the second-best Chicago rhetorician.

2.Ramist reforms strengthened the rhetoricians'tendency to focus on style.

3.Malchus probably followed his profession of rhetorician or sophist at Constantinople.

4.Antiochus was one of the most distinguished rhetoricians of his time.

5.Coques was a member of two rhetorician guilds in Antwerp.

6.In early 1539, Ghent threw a lavish rhetorician festival.

7.The lineup should provide Clinton with cover against rhetoricians of the Republican right.

8."I'm a doer, not a rhetorician,"

9.They understand that he is not some empty rhetorician.

10.Wells was a skilled and persuasive rhetorician and traveled internationally on lecture tours.

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