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rheum sentence in Hindi

"rheum" meaning in Hindirheum in a sentence
  • A number of conditions can increase the production of rheum in the eye.
  • Several species are Rheum rhabarbarum " and hybrids ) are a food item.
  • TCM Information : Species : Rheum palmatum, Rheum ranguticum, or Rheum officinale.
  • TCM Information : Species : Rheum palmatum, Rheum ranguticum, or Rheum officinale.
  • TCM Information : Species : Rheum palmatum, Rheum ranguticum, or Rheum officinale.
  • Arthritis Rheum 2008; 58 Suppl : S884.
  • "Rheum ribes " leaves is food plant of Xylena exsoleta moth in Van Province, Turkey.
  • Http : / / www . hopkins-arthritis . som . jhmi . edu / rheumatoid / rheum . html
  • The presence of pus in an instance of heavy rheum buildup can indicate dry eye or conjunctivitis, among other infections.
  • When the individual is awake, blinking of the eyelid causes rheum to be washed away with tears via the nasolacrimal duct.
  • Delilah's eyes are clouded black by cataracts and ringed by dark layers of rheum, and she suffers from ear mites.
  • I note that our rheum article is completely unreferenced, unless you count the external link to " Memidex free online dictionary and thesaurus ."
  • Olds gives us wild snatches of alliteration _ " his eyes, rashed red as radishes with rheum, swam in their sockets like slugs ."
  • The absence of this action during sleep, however, results in a small amount of dry rheum accumulating in corners of the eye, most notably in children.
  • In March 1549 he was appointed along with John Luttrell to confer with the Earls of Argyll, Haddington and his own eyes and legs swollen with the rheum.
  • Synonyms for emodin include emodol, frangula emodin, rheum emodin, 3-methyl-1, 6, 8-trihydroxyanthraquinone, Schuttgelb, and Persian Berry Lake.
  • Isoquercetin can be isolated from various plant species including " Mangifera indica " ( mango ) and " Rheum nobile " ( the Noble rhubarb ).
  • Despite what some websites claim, it does not appear that " rheum " or " gound " are commonly used as clinical terms for the dried, crusty stuff.
  • A number of varieties have been domesticated for human consumption, most of which are recognised as " Rheum " x " hybridum " by the Royal Horticultural Society.
  • In the case of allergic conjunctivitis, the buildup of rheum can be considerable, many times preventing the sufferer from opening the eye upon waking without prior cleansing of the eye area.
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