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righteousnesses sentence in Hindi

"righteousnesses" meaning in Hindirighteousnesses in a sentence
  • The music thins out; the self-righteousness takes over.
  • Self-righteousness and moralizing have always been distasteful to me.
  • Dreyfuss avoids self-righteousness and stays out of high dudgeon.
  • But righteousness is apparently no match for free Suns'tickets.
  • Occasionally Gore's smug self-righteousness goes too far.
  • Together, they should cover the spectrum from romance to righteousness.
  • Children could learn a lot from that about self-righteousness.
  • Still, there is no self-righteousness to Linda Santo.
  • Of course, self-righteousness only counts for so much.
  • We want to dignify our discomfiture with a mantle of righteousness.
  • And it can only undermine Israeli confidence in their own righteousness.
  • Channeling all this righteousness may not be such a good idea.
  • He had " a sense of righteousness, " she said.
  • He warned his acolytes to guard themselves against self-righteousness.
  • At 46, Skeen possesses the righteousness of the aggrieved parent.
  • Each side, convinced of its righteousness, demonizes the other.
  • Our decision to abstain and withdraw is based on political righteousness,
  • I appeal to Iranian justice to let humanity and righteousness prevail,
  • I hold fast my righteousness and will not let it go.
  • They just get on a soap box and preach their righteousness.
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