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rightnesses sentence in Hindi

"rightnesses" meaning in Hindirightnesses in a sentence
  • You overwhelm with power, not the rightness of your position.
  • Throughout, Bernie's family is inscribed with idiomatic rightness.
  • Clearly Papuans are very unhappy with the rightness of the sentence.
  • He was not questioning the  rightness or wrongness of it.
  • But there was a rightness in how short the season was.
  • Both external rightness and inner goodness are applied in disinterested benevolence.
  • The feeling of rightness is critical to what I do.
  • What convinced them of Dick Vitale's rightness as their screamperson?
  • There is a just-rightness in her every detail.
  • Everyone got a bit more rightness than anyone had anticipated.
  • He had this certainty about the rightness of the cause.
  • Quieter, decidedly clumsier, many still have a rightness all their own.
  • With any word, the question is not its size but its rightness.
  • He tried to make his rightness into the only rationale of his campaign.
  • But the rightness of it doesn't make it any less disgusting.
  • Rusu and Livitchi are both members of the Social-Economic Rightness Party.
  • History consistently has shown the basic rightness of that decision . . ..
  • Others have always been more confident about Brosnan's rightness for the role.
  • In an interview with Newsweek, he defended the moral rightness of his actions.
  • And it demonstrates the rightness of my policies.
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