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rights issue sentence in Hindi

"rights issue" meaning in Hindirights issue in a sentence
  • HRC says Clinton is more supportive of gay rights issues than Lazio.
  • It was unclear how the contentious voting rights issue would be resolved.
  • China is likely to continue to be challenged by human rights issues.
  • He expected BII to offer a rights issue to complete the deal.
  • He suggested another rights issue may be necessary to make a purchase.
  • Human rights issues are at the top of the list of problems.
  • It previously proposed to raise the funds needed via a rights issue.
  • Many companies had also revised downwards the prices of their rights issues.
  • Chinese officials insist they are making progress on the property rights issue.
  • Amnesty International Australia campaigns on international and domestic human rights issues.
  • Cohen said he raised human rights issues briefly in his talks.
  • Robeson lambasted Committee members on civil rights issues concerning African Americans.
  • Cameron also expressed concern about human rights issues in the country.
  • George Soros sees it very much as a human rights issue.
  • Contrastwith rights issue which is offered by companies to their existingshareholders.
  • The EU also promoted human rights issues in the wider world.
  • Cheerful set for $ 106m rights issue after loss, HONGKONG STANDARD
  • Now Albright spends her days on environmental and human rights issues.
  • It is not the only human rights issue he should raise.
  • The main human rights issue in Southeast Asia is Human trafficking.
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