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rous sentence in Hindi

"rous" meaning in Hindirous in a sentence
  • Frenchman Didier Rous was third, 4 seconds behind the leader.
  • Spaniard Javier Pascual is third, trailing Rous by 20 seconds.
  • The boss of a work crew rouses him from his flashback.
  • One night a Tatar woman comes to Andriy and rouses him.
  • This rouses Sobel's suspicion, and he visits Vitti.
  • This rouses Marty's attention and he asks about it.
  • All LeBlanc's Food Stores were rebranded as Rouses Markets.
  • The sound of the gunshot rouses the rest of the residents.
  • He was the brother of Sir Thomas Rous, 1st Baronet.
  • (italics ) You sulph'rous and thought-executing fire,
  • Rouss said that lack of a swimming pool probably kept some away.
  • Christopher rouses himself, runs to the phone and answers.
  • His civility harbors a fitful intemperance that rouses occasionally beyond mere confirming.
  • Rous wants Clovelly maintained as a living, working village.
  • Havelange unseated Britain's Sir Stanley Rous in 1974.
  • Didier Rous, France, 27, Good team member.
  • Rous, 65, emigrated to Australia at 19 and remains there.
  • There Gandalf rouses King Th�oden from inaction against the threat Saruman poses.
  • Chaucer faints, and the eagle rouses him by calling his name.
  • England win 2-0 to take the Rous Cup.
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