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English-Hindi > rout out

rout out meaning in Hindi

rout out sentence in Hindi
निकाल बाहर करना
निकाल बाहर करना
खदेड़ द्ना
rout    बुरी तरह से हराना
out    हड़ताल पर बहाना
1.In order for there to be peace we must rout out terror.

2.In order for there to be peace, we must rout out terror,

3.But he said those nations have " a responsibility to rout out corruption.

4.He must make a full effort to rout out terror in the Middle East,

5."In order for there to be peace we've got to rout out terror ."

6.He must make a full effort to rout out terror in the Middle East.

7.He dismissed the U . S .-led strikes on Afghanistan to rout out al-Qaida.

8.But already, America is sending military advisers to the Philippines to rout out terrorists.

9.The key is if the government routs out the shady players in the market,

10.America is resolved to rout out terrorism, to make sure that legitimate governments can survive,

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cause to flee; "rout out the fighters from their caves"
Synonyms: rout, expel,

force or drive out; "The police routed them out of bed at 2 A.M."
Synonyms: drive out, force out, rouse,

get or find by searching; "What did you rout out in the library?"
Synonyms: rout up,

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