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English-Hindi > roustabout

roustabout meaning in Hindi

roustabout sentence in Hindi
1.Here are those roustabout vaudevillians, Jackie " Moms"

2.A thousand roustabouts, aerialists and equestrians began looking for work.

3.The circus train held 400 performers and roustabouts of the circus.

4.The new roustabouts share the rig with tour groups during the day.

5.In private, he is just kind of a roustabout.

6._Roustabouts ( and you thought Elvis had left the building ).

7.He also worked as a roustabout in the woolshed at Toorale Station.

8.Everyone is killed, except the narrator and the roustabout.

9.Sofie tries to leave her fortuneteller life behind by becoming a roustabout.

10.Seamen earned $ 634, mail carriers $ 647 and roustabouts $ 651.

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a member of a ship''s crew who performs manual labor
Synonyms: deckhand,

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