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English-Hindi > ruritania

ruritania meaning in Hindi

ruritania sentence in Hindi
1.Part of the action is set in Strelsau, capital of Ruritania.

2.We could probably put something similar together for Ruritania, for that matter.

3.Maybe in a remotely low zone with the lands of Nod, Ruritania, West Metkovitch and Brilliantina.

4.In " Back in the USSA ", Princess Flavia of Ruritania marries into an alternate history Romanov dynasty.

5.The British Empire ( which in this setting, includes realms on other planets ) is engaged in a war against Ruritania.

6.Seeing that as a chance to prevent Britain's destruction by Ruritania, Inanna and Watcham agree to let Vogel continue.

7.The colonel declares that it is Fate that brought Rassendyll to Ruritania; he can take Rudolf's place with no one the wiser.

8.Hof provided Anthony Hope ( author of " The Prisoner of Zenda " ) with his inspiration for Strelsau, capital of his fictitious kingdom of Ruritania.

9.This volume covers some of the historical background of Ruritania, giving additional information which may aid in the enjoyment of the two full-length novels.

10.Goldsworthy considers stories and movies about Ruritania to be a form of " literary exploitation " or " narrative colonization " of the peoples of the Balkans.

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