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English-Hindi > ruscus aculeatus

ruscus aculeatus meaning in Hindi

ruscus aculeatus sentence in Hindi
1.Understory is also rich, featuring common hawthorn, strawberry trees, erica, " Ruscus aculeatus " and numerous others.

2.Would the booklet give me a clue to butcher's broom, perhaps under the botanical name which I had learned earlier was " Ruscus aculeatus ?"

3.I did find it in the big Webster's Third New International Dictionary, which defined it as " a European leafless plant ( Ruscus aculeatus ) bearing stiff-pointed cladophylls and greenish flowers succeeded by red berries ."

4.In one definition, phylloclades are a subset of cladodes, namely those that greatly resemble or perform the function of leaves, as in Butcher's broom ( " Ruscus aculeatus " ) as well as " Phyllanthus " and some " Asparagus " species.

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