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English-Hindi > rusk

rusk meaning in Hindi

rusk sentence in Hindi
1.Hunnicutt said of Rusk, who also hailed from rural Georgia.

2.That led to the formal burial ceremony in Rusk last week.

3.But Gordon said : " People like Rusk were cautious.

4.Rusk met with Foreign Minister Nikezic on August 30, 1967.

5.In 1893 the John S . Owen Company of Rusk County.

6.Dent2000q likes to hang out at Rusk and Dokdo as well.

7.In 1866 Rusk graduated from high school from Baltimore City College.

8.The freedmen settled new townships in Okfuskee County, including Rusk.

9.It is affiliated with the NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitative Medicine.

10.On Oct . 1, it will operate from Rusk to Palestine.

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slice of sweet raised bread baked again until it is brown and hard and crisp
Synonyms: zwieback, Brussels biscuit, twice-baked bread,

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