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English-Hindi > s-bend

s-bend meaning in Hindi

s-bend sentence in Hindi
1.Authentic in every detail , from stretched wheelbase to sweeping double s - bend exhaust

2.A s - bend symmetric y - branch has been proposed to obtain lower light transmission loss . 2 . the design of electrode structure

3.The result , two years of r & d on , is a launch collection of six styles , each made from japanese steel , each with patent - pending and each dispensing with anything extraneous to focus on assorted new mechanisms : a flat bar with sections that open out to keep it in place once passed through the button - holes ; an s - bend that swivels to lock into a square shape ; and , most radically , a cufflink with a twist mechanism that , rather than pull the two ends of a shirt - cuff together , creates a space between them , making room for an outsized watch

4.On the base , we designed the waveguides " structure and fabrication parameter . and in the design of symmetric y - branch of proton - exchange s ingle - y phase linbo3 modulaor , we used finite difference beam propagation method to analyze and compare the optical transmission loss of different s - bend y - branch

5.On the basis of the analysis and compare , we designed the least length of s - bend y - branch to decrease the transmission loss when the space between the outport is 250jjm . we also analyzed thoroughly dependence of half - wave voltage and bandwidth on the width , the length of modulator ' s electrodes and the gap between two electrodes

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