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English-Hindi > sabras

sabras meaning in Hindi

sabras sentence in Hindi
1.Ironicallly, it is Sabra who put it back on target.

2.The biography of this man was the DNA of a sabra.

3.Sabra Ayres'e-mail address is sayrescoxnews . com.

4.The pope also will pass near Sabra and Chatilla refugee camps.

5.Sabra first arrived in the United States on Sept . 7.

6.The primary flavor of Sabra is a rich, bittersweet chocolate.

7.On digital, Sabras Radio is available in the Leicester area.

8.Cragstan called its Sabra Super Cars, " Detroit Seniors ".

9.Tell that to the people of Sabra and Chatila, I thought.

10.Sabra Ayres'e-mail address is sayrescoxnews . com

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