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English-Hindi > sackcloth and ashes

sackcloth and ashes meaning in Hindi

sackcloth and ashes sentence in Hindi
sackcloth    टाट मोटा कनवास टाट
and    तथा एवं और एवं औ और
ashes    छार भस्म राख राख
1.Executives at NBC affiliates may feel more like donning sackcloth and ashes.

2.Apparently sackcloth and ashes would be the preferred garb.

3.Would he appear at court in sackcloth and ashes and full of confessions of self-loathing?

4.What's next for the Bush administration-- sackcloth and ashes?

5.The Associated Press wrote : " The City of Galveston is wrapped in sackcloth and ashes.

6.This is not sackcloth and ashes time.

7.Why not just wear sackcloth and ashes?

8."Maybe a climbdown is called for and a certain amount of sackcloth and ashes, " he wrote.

9.In Marc Jacobs'intensely coy show, Naomi Campbell, who could make sackcloth and ashes catch fire, looked oddly miscast.

10.Sackcloth and ashes, I believe.

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a display of extreme remorse or repentance or grief

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