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English-Hindi > sackful

sackful meaning in Hindi

sackful sentence in Hindi
1.In previous years, we used to get sackfuls of applications.

2.The sackful of grenades was an unusual find, Russell said.

3.But what happens when the ant is in a sackful of sugar?

4.He looked distinctly relieved when I accepted a sackful.

5.I used to get sackfuls of mail with origami and stuff inside it.

6.Why lug a sackful of 20th-century rocks into the new millennium?

7.But for those who can wait, 2002 promises a sackful of seasonal delights.

8.History lasts only as long as it takes to get home with a sackful of loot.

9.Georgia Southern fullback Adrian Peterson will take the field Saturday toting his usual sackful of milestones.

10.Then he might add something extra in Congolese francs, which are valuable only in sackfuls .)

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the quantity contained in a sack
Synonyms: sack,

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