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English-Hindi > sacral vertebra

sacral vertebra meaning in Hindi

sacral vertebra sentence in Hindi

त्रिक कशेरूका
सेक्रमी कशेरूक
sacral    त्रिक सेक्रमी
vertebra    बांस जानवरों की
1.The underside of the second sacral vertebra has an angular longitudinal keel.

2.The sacrum is strengthened through an additional fourth sacral vertebra.

3.Between the dura mater and the surrounding bone of the sacral vertebra.

4.The dural sac ends at the vertebral level of the second sacral vertebra.

5.The articular processes of the first sacral vertebra are large and oval-shaped.

6.The sacrum consists of three sacral vertebrae, with a caudo-sacral vertebra behind them.

7.With the fourth sacral vertebra the keel has a similar position but is low and wide.

8.It consists of five tail vertebrae, a sacral vertebra, a left humerus, haemal arches and rib fragments.

9.It divides, opposite the third sacral vertebra into two branches, which descend one on either side of the rectum.

10.The preserved transverse process of the sacral vertebra is distally expanded, suggesting a synchondrosal joint between the vertebral column and pelvis.

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one of 5 vertebrae in the human spine that fuse in the adult to form the sacrum

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