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English-Hindi > sacralization

sacralization meaning in Hindi

sacralization sentence in Hindi
1.Sacralization, not secularization, is the wave of the future.

2.Ironically, the new climate of de-sacralization clears a path.

3.Sacralization of L6 means L6 attaches to S1 via a rudimentary joint.

4.His religious outlook is shown in a wider sacralization of the law in his reign.

5.There is something even more troubling, though, about modern reification and sacralization of texts.

6.According to Henri Hubert and Marcel Mauss, the ritual of sacrifice involved two processes : sacralization and desacralization.

7.He also was a founding editor of " Triumph ", a Roman Catholic monthly that sought the sacralization of American society.

8.It also destroys part of the process whereby the chaotic social elements that require sacralization in the first place continue with mere knowledge as their antidote.

9.Here, the Virgin experiences all the process of sacralization and glorification that contains the work, it is the only place where celestial personages and earthly people live together ".

10.A related moral condemnation can be seen in " The political sacralization of imperial genocide : contextualizing Timothy Dwight's " The Conquest of Canaan " " by Bill Templer.

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