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sacrament sentence in Hindi

"sacrament" meaning in Hindisacrament in a sentence
  • "Marriage is a sacrament, " she said.
  • And he took the sacrament of Confession with the Capuchin friar.
  • For those sacraments, parishioners must still depend on ordained clergy.
  • The churches reached agreement on broad matters of sacraments and salvation.
  • What does this do to the people he administered sacraments to?
  • Father Conroy of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament in Manhattan.
  • The Army does not offer sacraments such as baptism or Communion.
  • I always thought the sacrament of anointing was for the dying.
  • The sacrament usually requires an admission of sorrow for past sins.
  • The human spirit needs ceremonies and sacraments to mark its journey.
  • Five gold rings : five required sacraments of the Catholic church.
  • "Sacrament of Lies " is no mere whodunit.
  • The chapel celebrates Mass and can conduct every sacrament except marriage.
  • The Catholic sacrament of Confirmation is also celebrated at the Vigil.
  • Unlike ministers, they do not administer sacraments or routinely preach.
  • Methodist churches generally recognise sacraments to be a means of grace.
  • They are the primary preachers and teachers, celebrants of sacraments.
  • Wilhelm disobeyed and went to Ahn to give the Last Sacraments.
  • The sacrament was followed by his marriage with the Greek princess.
  • It was also used frequently during Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
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