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English-Hindi > sacrificial stone

sacrificial stone meaning in Hindi

sacrificial stone sentence in Hindi

बलि प्रस्तर
sacrificial    बलि का यज्ञीय
stone    प्रस्तर पत्थर मणि
1.And the sacrificial stone _ what was that all about?

2.The large sacrificial stone is mentioned in many historical sources.

3.She tells him it is a sacrificial stone from olden times and he has had his own vision.

4.On the south side, there is a sacrificial stone called a " t�chcatl " and a sculpted face.

5.The megalith consists of tombs carved into the rock and sacrificial stones used by the ancient cult of the Sun.

6.At the summit the priests would lay him on a sacrificial stone, open his chest with an obsidian dagger, and remove his heart.

7.Identified as a heiau luakini ( human sacrifice temple ), a large table-like stone rests outside the southernmost wall and is known locally as Pohaku Mohai ( sacrificial stone ).

8.Prior to leaving Hawaii in 1859, Robert made a number of finely crafter landscape drawings including renderings of the sacrificial stone at Iao Needle, Kapuuohookamoa-Hmkualoa Falls and Hanapp Falls.

9.It has also been suggested that chacmools were used as a " techcatl ", or sacrificial stone over which victims were stretched so their hearts could be cut from their chests.

10.Dresden summons Leanansidhe, who transports him to an ethereal Chicago-over-Chicago, where a great Stone Table, the sacrificial stone that maintains the balance between the Winter and Summer Sidhe, now rests.

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