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saddle blanket sentence in Hindi

"saddle blanket" meaning in Hindi
  • The bucking broncos in the ring have words on their saddle blankets.
  • Horse tack typically consists of western saddles, western-style bridles, and saddle blankets.
  • This " mochila " saddle blanket cover the rider would then sit on.
  • Jones also provided a red saddle blanket to go along with the horse.
  • They caught me because I fell asleep underneath the saddle blanket.
  • The Titans always have been a burr under the Jaguars'saddle blanket.
  • Saddle blankets have been used for many centuries with all types of saddles.
  • "There's a lot of people out there with burrs under their saddle blankets.
  • Burch and Minick are a generation younger but cut from the same saddle blanket.
  • As a teenager, a thorn hidden in his horse's saddle blanket pierced his knee.
  • Jean Purdy made her point about her unusual profession by holding up a saddle blanket.
  • Navajo textiles were originally utilitarian blankets for use as cloaks, dresses, saddle blankets, and similar purposes.
  • Many did so, using saddle blankets as armour.
  • An amber glazed horse with a textured fur saddle blanket glazed green went for $ 310, 000.
  • Nancy Wilson said she looked for the beautiful engravings that can be found on big bills, called saddle blankets.
  • The men are rescued, and soon after, Kengtu and Wali are returned to their people, along with sixty saddle blankets.
  • Some of the horses are glazed, in glorious blue, green, amber and cream, with tasseled bridles and elaborate saddle blankets.
  • On his saddle blanket is the number 6, his post position at Churchill Downs on the day he won the Kentucky Derby.
  • Saddle blankets or pads can provide assistance to correct minor fit problems, but no amount of padding can compensate for a poor-fitting saddle.
  • Ruthling's hoofed masterpiece, called " Starry Night, " is navy blue, embellished with a saddle blanket, stars, and a crescent moon of silver tin.
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