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sadden sentence in Hindi

"sadden" meaning in Hindi  
  • And so is a player whose exit so saddens a city.
  • It not only makes me absolutely nervous; it saddens me.
  • That Nunn never created a Leonard-like legend saddens Goossen.
  • I'm convinced of that, and it saddens me.
  • It saddens him to think about what his father will miss.
  • Hearing his question over and over used to sadden Marjorie Stene.
  • But no one has replaced him, and this saddens Druyan.
  • It saddens me that Derek will not play in this game,
  • She saddens at the thought of all the stories never told.
  • Rama asks Sumantra to return to Ayodhya which sorely saddens Sumantra.
  • This results in numerous deaths including infants which deeply saddens Saktivelu.
  • :Your story saddens me, and I sympathize with you.
  • This saddens Kristina and she begins to have sex with Brad.
  • It greatly saddens me that he has written this book,
  • Losing a longtime member of your plant family always saddens.
  • It saddens all of us to see our community divided,
  • It saddens me that Kentucky cooking is so identified with fast food.
  • Your confrontations will be missed, your resignation saddens me.
  • It saddens Cunningham that San Diego is a one-newspaper town.
  • What'll you find may surprise or sadden or enlighten you.
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