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saddle sore sentence in Hindi

"saddle sore" meaning in Hindisaddle sore in a sentence
  • Bring chamois cream to apply inside bicycling shorts to prevent saddle sores.
  • Reducing friction is also of great help in preventing equine saddle sores.
  • After the stage, Armstrong said the cream was used to treat saddle sores.
  • During Haas's first professional season, he struggled with severe saddle sores.
  • CREDIT : Crista Jeremiason / NYTRNG ( with sidebar 2BIKE ) Saddle sore?
  • Armstrong later explained the cream was prescribed to treat saddle sores.
  • Other highlights include " Saddle Sore " and " Alone ".
  • The horse's thick coat also provides a barrier that helps prevent saddle sores.
  • She is the only Indian female motorbike rider to be Saddle Sore certified.
  • Clinton get to feeling saddle sore in the second term.
  • The minimum is the Saddle Sore 1000  miles in 24 hours or less.
  • Nor was it a gritty territory of cactus spines, rattlesnake bites and saddle sores.
  • As an onscreen team, they're as tight as a bronco buster and his saddle sores.
  • A saddle sore and another operation forced him out of the 1990 Tour de France.
  • The result was " Saddle Sores : A Blue Western, " her darkest humor to date.
  • A medical certificate showed he used an approved cream for saddle sores which contained the substance.
  • During his association with saddles to alleviate the carpal tunnel syndrome and saddle sores suffered by cyclists.
  • Guided trail rides at Lake Raven Stables give city slickers a chance to earn some saddle sores.
  • Clinton has total recall, a photographic memory, for faces, books, intellectual arguments, and festering political saddle sores.
  • Cycling's governing body said the only drug Armstrong had taken was an authorized skin cream for saddle sores.
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