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saddler sentence in Hindi

"saddler" meaning in Hindisaddler in a sentence
  • Americans Gregory Saddler and Brian Lewis took second and third place.
  • George Abbott served as director, with choreography by Donald Saddler.
  • Is a freelance mercenary hired to do Saddler's bidding.
  • Saddler was nominated for the Drama Desk Award for Outstanding Choreography.
  • A second murder takes place, this time of Saddler Atkins.
  • Wikt : Skinners, tanners and wikt : saddlers are recorded.
  • The youngest of 12 children, Saddler grew up in Los Angeles.
  • It took Saddler 93 fights to get a title shot.
  • Saddler was 144-16-2 with 103 knockouts.
  • Hart took a new saddle from the saddler's.
  • Similarly, there is one saddler and another seven based outside town.
  • The Saddlers Arms was still trading in 1949 but has since closed.
  • Saddlefest is a community festival held in the large village of Saddlers.
  • Dick was a master saddler and became a harness maker in London.
  • There were three shoemakers, two tailors and two weaver and saddler.
  • In his civil life, Christensen worked as an upholsterer and saddler.
  • His father was George Crozier, a saddler and botanist.
  • His father, also named Frederick Nelson Jones, was a saddler.
  • He produced " Tenterfield Saddler ", released on Metromedia.
  • A 1954 piece by master saddler Ed Bohlin is plated with silver sterling.
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