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English-Hindi > scads

scads meaning in Hindi

scads sentence in Hindi
• ढेर
• समूह
• ढेर सारा
1.So who besides someone with scads of cash can afford one?

2.Seconds later, scads of federal employees and visitors ran outside.

3.There were scads of no-shows Sunday at the Forum.

4.I have scads of coffeehouse buddies whose names I always forget.

5.SCAD Atlanta s Ivy Hall opened in 2008 after extensive restoration.

6.The shrimp scad was first ICZN rules and has been discarded.

7.:There has been scads of horrible science reporting about this.

8.There are scads of categories, separated by square-footage amounts.

9.SCAD-TV, the college station, broadcasts from there now.

10.Pretty good for a movie starring scads of mostly unknown young Englishmen.

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