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scalawags sentence in Hindi

"scalawags" meaning in Hindiscalawags in a sentence
  • Pat Croissant invested $ 1 million in Scalawags restaurant in 1987.
  • Schofield and Wells fought and defeated Hunnicutt and the Scalawag Republicans.
  • Mainly I'm interested in the scamps and scalawags.
  • In the South, Scalawags moved into the Democratic Party.
  • Many classified him as a scalawag, a southerner who supported Reconstruction.
  • "He's a scalawag,"
  • Add in manic, loose-limbed Kevin Kline as a Parisian scalawag.
  • Eventually most scalawags joined the Democratic " Black and Tan " Republican party.
  • The most prominent scalawag of all was James L . Alcorn of Mississippi.
  • Pinocchio refuses and is imprisoned with Scalawag and Igor.
  • Scalawag laments that they have succumbed to their desires without considering the consequences.
  • Scalawag and Igor find Pinocchio, who is once again a real boy.
  • Blacks increasingly demanded more and more offices at the expense of the Scalawags.
  • Scalawag and Carpetbagger with small bits of information on Republicans in the south.
  • He's a scalawag, but darn, he does a good job!
  • The marriage of a scalawag and a carpetbagger,
  • During lynched African-Americans, northern carpetbaggers, and Southern " scalawags ".
  • Most scalawags " crossed Jordan ", as switching to the Democrats was called.
  • Scalawag recognizes the ship as the " Empire of the Night ".
  • Social pressure eventually forced most Scalawags to join the conservative / Democratic Redeemer coalition.
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