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English-Hindi > scatterbrain

scatterbrain meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'skætəbrein ]  sound:  
scatterbrain sentence in Hindi
1.The band began playing shows with bands such as Scatterbrain.

2.She was eventually brought out of this state by the telepath Scatterbrain.

3.Repulsed by the stance of the operator, Scatterbrain incapacitated.

4.At some point during this period, Fascination changed her name to Scatterbrain.

5.Bulk and Skull even got to save the Rangers by fighting the Scatterbrain monster.

6.He is a scatterbrain who loses things.

7.However, this aunt is a scatterbrain.

8.Gracie was the consummate scatterbrain, a perfect nitwit who operated by her own impenetrable illogic.

9.In 1986, Connelly was a special vocal guest on the first album of the Scatterbrain in 1989.

10.In his former identity of Scatterbrain, Reinhart was a telepath who could read other people s minds.

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a flighty and disorganized person
Synonyms: forgetful person,

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