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English-Hindi > scollop

scollop meaning in Hindi

verb past tense: scolloped   verb past participle: scolloped   verb present participle: scolloping   
scollop sentence in Hindi
1.A dark brown undulated line, edged with white, begins near the middle of the anterior edges, which crossing the wings ends at the extremity of the body; and along the external edges runs a series of brown spots, placed over each scollop.

2.Anterior wings rather lighter than on the upper side; having a dark undulated line crossing them, near the middle, from the anterior to the posterior edges; near the shoulders are two brown spots, one exactly like a comma, the other round and smaller; a white streak, edged at the top with brown, is placed near the lower corners; and along the external edges is a row of faint angulated brown spots placed over each scollop.

edible marine bivalve having a fluted fan-shaped shell that swim by expelling water from the shell in a series of snapping motions
Synonyms: scallop, escallop,

thin slice of meat (especially veal) usually fried or broiled
Synonyms: cutlet, scallop, escallop,

edible muscle of mollusks having fan-shaped shells; served broiled or poached or in salads or cream sauces
Synonyms: scallop, escallop,

shape or cut in scallops; "scallop the hem of the dress"
Synonyms: scallop,

fish for scallops
Synonyms: scallop,

form scallops in; "scallop the meat"
Synonyms: scallop,

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