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English-Hindi > scourer

scourer meaning in Hindi

scourer sentence in Hindi
1.:I have put one of those stainless steel scourers in my kettle.

2.She wants the shampoo attachment but not the polisher-sander-scourer-massager.

3.In the early days, dry cleaners were called " garment scourers and dyers ."

4.And for $ 60 more, he'll include a combination polisher-sander-scourer-massager.

5.A brass wire scourer, brush, or wheel on a bench grinder, can be used with care.

6.Warwick's " scourers " ( scouts and patrols and foraging parties ) failed to detect this move.

7.Pull the plug and now get to work with a scourer, and you should find the grot comes off easily.

8.The horsemen were generally restricted to " prickers " and " scourers "; i . e . scouting and foraging parties.

9.Washing it is probably best with a brush rather than a scourer or dishcloth . talk ) 00 : 08, 14 December 2007 ( UTC)

10.2 litres water 1.5kg granulated white sugarMethod Wash the fruit well, scrubbing the skins with a scourer to get rid of any wax or residues.

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someone who travels widely and energetically; "he was a scourer of the seven seas"

someone who cleanses by scouring

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