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English-Hindi > seaming

seaming meaning in Hindi

seaming sentence in Hindi
• स्तर
• लपकी
• पतली तह
• चिह्न
• तह
• सीवन जोड़
• दाग
• निशान
• परत
• फांक
• संधि
• सन्धि
• सिलाई
• सीवन
• चिह्न डालना
• निशान या चिह्न करना
• जोड़ना
• सिलाई करना
• सीना
1.And it is the fabrics that make seaming and structure feasible.

2.Craig had particular trouble against off cutters on the seaming pitches.

3.Dresses and even coats with similar seaming continue the aggressively curved look.

4.Complex seaming and pieced fabrics are hallmarks of Roth's style.

5.New Zealand won the series 2-0 on difficult seaming pitches.

6.The wicket was seaming and had some moisture early in the day.

7.They are usually squared off and are characterized by seaming.

8.These pieces are assembled into the final size by seaming.

9.Wirefree or softcup bras have additional seaming and internal reinforcement.

10.The flattering dimensional shapes were all accomplished with precious fabric and artful seaming.

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