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English-Hindi > assonance" sentence in Hindi

assonance in a sentence

31.The stanza of the martinete is the cuarteta romanceada : four eight-syllable lines, rhyming in assonance abcb.

32.These poems dealt with the Highland clearances, and described the Scottish landscape in rich detail, using Gaelic assonances.

33.Most of the forms depend on number of syllables per line, as well as assonance, consonance, and alliteration.

34.It does not use traditional rhyme; instead, the lines are bound together by assonance, consonance, and alliteration.

35.Hungarian vowel harmony classifies the vowels according to front vs . back assonance and rounded vs unrounded for the front vowels.

36.The rhymes in the main pattern identical rhyme, true rhyme and assonance plays against two consonant rhymes heart / hurts.

37.Declaring himself dissatisfied with the assonance of " Junimist " poetry, Florescu demanded a more thorough literary consonance.

38.In skaldic poetry, the dr�ttkv�tt stanza had eight lines, each having three " lifts " produced with alliteration or assonance.

39.Furthermore, the lyrics tend to be written in eight-syllable quartets, with assonance in the first and third verses.

40.Assonance does not have to be a rhyme; the identity of which depends merely on sequence of both vowel and consonant sounds.

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