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English-Hindi > attractor" sentence in Hindi

attractor in a sentence

21.So an extra attractor would cause a bulge.

22.However, they can occur in applications, such as attractors in dynamical systems.

23.We might also view fractals, strange attractors, and chaos theory as discoveries.

24.This attractor results from a simple three-dimensional model of the Lorenz weather system.

25.SRB measures replace the Boltzmann factor and they are defined on attractors of chaotic systems.

26.Recent evidence strongly suggests that cell types in humans and other organisms are indeed attractors.

27.Because of the dissipation due to air resistance, the point is also an attractor.

28.This final state is called the attractor.

29.Stable limit cycles are examples of attractors.

30.The red dot in the center of this attractor is FP _ { 1 }.

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