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English-Hindi > baboo" sentence in Hindi

baboo in a sentence

31.Sweet Baboo's album " I'm a Dancer / Songs about Sleepin "'was nominated for the first ever Welsh Music Prize in 2011.

32.Baboo was voiced by Colin Philips and his suit actor was portrayed by Hideaki Kusaka ( uncredited in season 1 ) and later by Jason Ybarra in Seasons 2-Zeo.

33.His own live band currently consists of Sweet Baboo on guitar ( formerly on bass guitar ), Guto Pryce on bass and Andy " Fung " on drums.

34.At the 1988 general election, Lee stood as a Workers'Party candidate in the Eunos Group Representation Constituency along with fellow party members Francis Seow and Mohd Khalit bin Mohd Baboo.

35.The joint efforts of Naheed Khanum, Amanullah, Mastana and Baboo Baral ushered in the art the lively dialogues and innovative style was like a breath of fresh air for the citizens.

36.Bands playing included Golden Silvers, Truckers of Husk, Micachu and the Shapes, Little Comets, Young Marble Giants, Euros Childs, Colorama, Sweet Baboo and Rob Da Bank.

37."Secret Soundz Vol . 2 " was recorded with Sweet Baboo taking up production duties, on the Isle of Eigg ( where Lynch now lives ), in 2012.

38."' Baburao Narasappa " Baboo " Nimal "'( 15 March 1908  21 February 1998 ) was an Indian field hockey player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics.

39.Wyatt next created the role of Baboo Currie in " The Nautch Girl " by Lyric Theatre as Arrostino Annegato in " The Mountebanks " by Gilbert and Alfred Cellier.

40.The party's team of Francis Seow, Lee Siew Choh and Mohd Khalit bin Mohd Baboo won 49.1 % of the votes to the PAP team's 50.9 %.

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