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English-Hindi > babysitting" sentence in Hindi

babysitting in a sentence

21.Logan appears at the door of Veronica s babysitting house.

22.Another'birth'in 1977 was the Babysitting Circle.

23.She finds babysitting tougher than she thought and complains about her plight.

24.There was too much scrip and a shortage of babysitting.

25.Citymart included a full grocery store and a babysitting service for shoppers.

26.Last week, my mother was babysitting Adam, and bedtime rolled around.

27.On Dec . 22, 1994 Tiffany Greenfield died while Caruncho was babysitting.

28.Voncille Davis had been looking forward to babysitting Kylie Ray for the day.

29.Audra had saved about dlrs 50 from babysitting jobs.

30.Other youth activities include Taekwondo, Dance, Teen Fitness and Babysitting Certification.

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