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English-Hindi > babysitting" sentence in Hindi

babysitting in a sentence

41.He later crossed over doing Adventures in Babysitting " as Leon Vasquez.

42.Anyone who has ever written a FA knows about the babysitting then involved.

43.The next morning, Jenny is again babysitting Eli.

44.He notes that a fall in prices would reduce the price of babysitting.

45.Tove ( Sevaldson ) is babysitting when she receives a threatening phone call.

46.Sarah drinks when she is supposed to be babysitting and then passes out.

47.Then coming home at night and babysitting so Melissa could go to cosmetology school.

48.Cathy Lynn Henderson, 38, killed of infant she was babysitting in 1994.

49.But the girl's mother said that babysitting was Hathaway's suggestion.

50.Amos says he's babysitting his granddaughter.

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