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English-Hindi > brolly" sentence in Hindi

brolly in a sentence

11.Brolly, 38, was charged with reckless endangerment.

12.Brolly was a boarder in Saint Patrick's Grammar School, Armagh.

13.This is where a brolly comes in handy for a supporter ."

14.In November 2005 Brolly was rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack.

15.In 2009 Brolly broke his leg while playing in a challenge match against Cookstown.

16.In 2003, Brolly took over from Burnfoot.

17.Ex-players David Brolly & Alan Donohoe are also part of the coaching staff.

18.The Zazous were big fans of checkered patterns, on jacket, skirt or brolly.

19.Brolly said " there were many times when you could only marvel at his wizardry ".

20."With two brollies, I'd probably fly away like Mary Poppins ."

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