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English-Hindi > brolly

brolly meaning in Hindi

brolly sentence in Hindi
1.Up go the brollies ( umbrellas ), but few leave.

2.:" Disaster looms for the bowler and brolly brigade.

3.Relentless sun made it good weather for umbrellas _ brollies in England.

4.Some players rested during changeovers under brollies held by ballgirls.

5.Some players rested during changeovers under brollies held by ballboys.

6.Brolly lives in Beverly Hills with his wife, actress Sarah Buxton.

7.Their son Joe Brolly is a Derry footballer and TV sports pundit.

8.Even our huge hotel brolly was of limited use.

9.Oh, and leave your brolly at the door.

10.Crane operator Noel Brolly suffered a minor hand injury.

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colloquial terms for an umbrella
Synonyms: gamp,

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