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English-Hindi > cabalism" sentence in Hindi

cabalism in a sentence

41.Sticking together here just because he's an admin is equal to cabalism, and luckily this isn't happening .-- * 18 : 31, 2005 Jan 20 ( UTC)

42.POTW is symptomatic of another problem we're having on Wikipedia ", often people feel like they can't get anything done unless they use the Megaphone Method or some kind of shady Cabalism.

43.This then opens up that meat / sock puppetry can of worms and the resultant angst of checkuser cases, accusations of xxxx-POV-pushers ( where xxxx = religious / nationalist / ethnic / etc ) and cabalism.

44.The form his talk page disruption has taken ( at least that I have seen ) is in repeatedly alleging cabalism and bad faith among other editors ( claiming there is a conspiracy to quash legitimate anti-evolutionist viewpoints in the Evolution article ).

45."I have turned to Christian Gnosticism, Muslim Shiite Sufism and Jewish cabalism as my explanatory sources, " he writes, " because all of them provide cogent interpretations of the links between angels, dreams, otherworldly journeys or astral-body manifestations, and messianic expectations ."

46.How many more people need to say " boy, that was a shitty thing to say but it doesn't really point to some fundamental flaw " and " This is an example of admin cabalism, etc . . " ? talk ) 15 : 10, 3 November 2008 ( UTC)

47.On the concerns / complaints : I have no doubts that if the channel were removed another ( or several ) would be set up-without any sort of civility requirements or access to people who might object to'cabalism'. . . the same would be true for removal of the non admins.

48.Allowing, asking, or expecting " them " to " discipline " their " members " ( all of these terms are poorly defined, at best ) would be the very definition of bureaucracy and cabalism . ~ Amory " ( c ) " 20 : 35, 16 February 2010 ( UTC)

49.*"'Delete "'; encourages heavy-handed secretive cabalism, and the general mindset of victimology and demonization that is harmful to the Wikipedia culture . ( This vandalized version is funny in a ha-ha-serious way . ) talk ) 12 : 03, 11 April 2008 ( UTC)

50.This whole line of argument-that the block lacked transparency or was not properly reviewed-is completely at odds with the easily verifiable reality of the situation, and I'd suggest that further discussion be informed more by those facts and less by zOMG cabalism . "'Talk 21 : 18, 15 May 2008 ( UTC)

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