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English-Hindi > cabalism

cabalism meaning in Hindi

cabalism sentence in Hindi
1.Sorry, no redemption-all cabalism and meatpuppetry here.

2.This leads to factionalism and charges of cabalism and corruption.

3.Nor does use of Google to detect " cabalism ".

4.The latter might create the appearance of elitism and / or cabalism.

5.There are also multiple admins here who seem to have a cabalism mentality.

6.I did not act against AMbroodEY because he was helping in fighting the cabalism.

7.It opens the whole project administration to accusations of gross unfairness, favouritism and cabalism.

8.The observer untutored in wiki-diplomacy would doubtless be quick to raise accusations of cabalism.

9.I don't " always accuse others of cabalism "; please substantiate that accusation.

10.For the claims of cabalism-random talk 10 : 06, 11 February 2011 ( UTC)

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adherence to some extreme traditional theological concept or interpretation
Synonyms: kabbalism,

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