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English-Hindi > caduceus" sentence in Hindi

caduceus in a sentence

21.Afterwards, Caduceus International proposes a treaty to deal with GUILT research which is quickly ratified.

22.CADUCEUS has been described as the " most knowledge-intensive expert system in existence ".

23.He wasn't seen again until the Questers used him to get the Caduceus Staff.

24.Horses which have won it included Caduceus who later succeeded in the United States and Canada.

25.The note features vignettes of Caduceus, Justice with Shield, and America on its obverse.

26.The caduceus, twin snakes wound about the staff of Aesculapius, remains the symbol of medicine.

27.He put the caduceus between them and parted, and so said his staff would bring peace.

28.The founders chose the sorority symbol to be the caduceus, wings, and the female symbol.

29.In some cases it is clear that the caduceus symbolized wisdom, without any specific medical connotations.

30.The caduceus was formally adopted by the Surgeon General, but persuaded the new incumbent  Brig.

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