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English-Hindi > caduceus

caduceus meaning in Hindi

noun plural: caducei   
caduceus sentence in Hindi
1.Meanwhile, the plot twists on, like the seprents of Caduceus.

2.The caduceus is also the symbol of the Customs Agency of Bulgaria.

3.Up above, tangled in the Caduceus, Truth is angry at them.

4.Diana then used Hermes'caduceus to revive him.

5.He carried a staff wrapped with two snakes, known as the caduceus.

6.A caduceus and a cornucopia are crossed on it.

7.The scale is balanced upon a caduceus with a Delta as its base.

8.Her primary attributes are the caduceus and cornucopia.

9.He established appointment standards and designed the Marine Hospital Service herald of a caduceus.

10.He puts on a labcoat, and the Caduceus transforms into a chemistry coil.

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an insignia used by the medical profession; modeled after the staff of Hermes

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