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English-Hindi > cladogram" sentence in Hindi

cladogram in a sentence

11.Some authors have challenged the phylogeny represented by the cladogram above.

12.Below is the cladogram from Turner and Sertich ( 2010 ):

13.Below are three alternate cladograms resulting from studies of azhdarchoid relationships.

14.Below is a cladogram of Loricata from Nesbitt ( 2011 ):

15.The page features a simple tree, called a cladogram.

16.The cladogram below was made according to the APG system of 1998.

17.The presumed lineages within Cetartiodactyla can be represented in the following cladogram:

18.The relationship between the subfamilies is shown in the cladogram;

19.Accepting their reclassification, the corresponding cladogram for Aspleniaceae is:

20.Below is a cladogram modified from Nesbitt ( 2011 ):

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