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English-Hindi > commiseration" sentence in Hindi

commiseration in a sentence

31.Whitman " bade him farewell, " she wrote, " with feelings of profound commiseration for his fate ."

32.It has been a week for gestures of symbolism and commiseration from Yugoslav athletes who earn their livings in various sports and time zones.

33.Bush will have been briefed on all these intrigues and will realize they do nothing to make his stern commiseration with Koizumi any easier.

34.Initially, he's just the kind of supportive distraction Clay needs, always up for a fishing trip or commiseration about woman troubles.

35.My especial commiserations to Kim, who I hold in high regard, but really we need to think of a better idea than this.

36.Dai's poems showed his commiseration with the sufferings of the people, like his " Song of Vine-gathering "(

37.Women form tight bonds with their female friends and neighbors, but their friendships are based as much on commiseration and mutual assistance as on compatibility.

38.What with all the postperformance kudos, feminist commiseration and air kissing ( " Barry Diller came tonight, and he loved it,"

39.Mr . Mackell began talking about the remarkable loan of the SUV . Now, the car's owner is calling Douglaston daily with commiseration.

40.The members also heard a briefing on a possible transition from a parliamentarian as well as a word of commiseration from Lt . Gov . Rick Perry.

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